by Paul Hosford

Released 2002
Painted Heart Music
Released 2002
Painted Heart Music
Paul Hosford playing guitar featuring works by Gershwin, Ellington, Porter and other great composers in solo and ensemble settings. Paul also plays string bass and 'cello and is joined by his father Frank playing piano on On Green Dolphin Street.
My father gave me my first guitar when I was 13 years old. I played it quite a bit over the ensuing years, but when Lori and I started our family, I found myself with little time for music. By the time our oldest son, William, was 5, I hadn't played in years.

One day we were out of town and I noticed an archtop guitar in a store window. Archtop guitars are preferred for playing jazz but are rare around here. We went in and I tried it out. I was rusty but did remember a couple of tunes.

As I was playing I glanced up to see William staring in amazement. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open. I stopped playing and he said, "Daddy, I didn't know you could play guitar - it works!"

I didn't buy that guitar but I felt guilty that my own children didn't know I was a musician. A week later Lori cajoled me into buying a new guitar. I hated to spend the money, but I ended up playing it every day for the next three years. Several friends urged me to record my playing and this CD is the result. It is my "emergence" from playing only for my family and friends to sharing my music with others.

The songs are all jazz standards. I begin by playing solo guitar but later on add string bass, 'cello and finally my father, Frank, on piano to allow for greater musical exploration.

I chose artwork created by William for the cover design and photos taken by Lori for the inside and the back - they are, after all, the reason this happened. I hope you the listener, enjoy the music. If you do please thank my family and friends - their support made this possible.

Thank you for listening. -- Paul Hosford

Emergence Reviews:

“Some of the most distressed sounds blended into a menage-a-cinque. No rest for the senses in EMERGENCE! Somebody gonna love this. It washes one’s soul and cleanses all remnants of Rock n Roll from the vessel. No Hip Hop here, a true reincarnation of free musical thought. Paul ranks with them. Taking it to a deeper, kinder, spiritual place.” K. Paul, JAZZ/2DAY

“Hosford’s command of the fretboard is clearly evident and his creative arrangements lead to a ‘hearing-it-again-for-the-first-time’ feeling. There are chord melodies aplenty, as Hosford makes deft single note connections seem almost effortless. Highlights on the CD include ‘Rainy Day,’ ‘Green Dolphin Street,’ ‘Take Five,’ and his unique treatment of the classic ‘Over The Rainbow’ which kicks off the album. Sincerity of expression – that’s a good way to describe Hosford’s efforts on Emergence.” Dan McAvinchy, Guitar Nine Records

“I’m enjoying it very much. He reminds me a bit of Tony Mottola, a bit of Johnny Smith. Still, he has enough individualism to have a nice style all his own. I feel he can play anything he wants. Most talented and obviously has been dedicated enough to learn a most difficult style of guitar playing. My hat is off to him.” -- Chuck Denson

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