Pickle Puss

Paul Hosford, Frank Hosford, Thomas Hosford, Angela Hosford & Rich Hughes
Frank Hosford


Thomas Hosford, vibes; Rich Hughes, trumpet; Angela Hosford, flute; Paul Hosford, guitar, string bass & drums.

Frank wrote this song for a little musical group I had in eighth through tenth grades, but we unfortunately never got around to learning it.  Pickle Puss was the last song Frank ever recorded, saying when we finished that he thought he was “finally played out.”  

This last recording session took place in Frank’s room at the nursing home and during it a stranger heard us and came in.  He explained he had a country band and wondered if I would play bass in it.  I politely explained that we were recording and he apologized and left. I may have missed my chance to make it big in Nashville, but I thought it best to finish the recording – and the album – before joining a band.

My daughter Angela plays flute on this track.  She had played while in school but had stopped when she went to college.  Since Frank had had a flute in mind when he wrote this tune, I asked Angela to record it with us.  She agreed and practiced for several months in order to get her lip back in shape.  It was wonderful to be able to include her in this family project especially since this was Frank’s last recording. -- Paul

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